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NaD 3

Greetings, NaD aficionados! This is the first (i.e., hopelessly optimistic) announcement of the next issue of Nameless and Damned, scheduled now for a late May release. This will be roughly two months from issue 2, which I hope is enough time for everyone's creative spinal fluid to recover from the ecstasy of that there second issue.

Why, you may be asking yourself, does this mean I still have a chance to get something published in that third issue, probably chock full of literary goodness?

Yes, yes, you can. And no, there is very little literary goodness yet. Indeed, much less than a full chock. So, get writing. Or dusting off that story your mother thought was so cute when you wrote it in fourth grade.

As in the second issue, though, we have a writing game going on. (I say "going on" in the nebulous sense of "we thought of it, and one of us was sober enough to remember to write it down," not that anything is written yet.) Unlike the last one, open only to a handful of elite authors, this one is open to any comers. (I will remind everyone again, we don't pay, we don't got prizes, but I'll be happy to do coffee with and autograph any body part you bring to Atlantic City. I'll even autograph it in the name of your favorite celebrity, to give it that "this might actually be worth something" feeling.)

So, what's the game? Easy. On Friday 12 March, in Fresno, California, there was a horrible massacre. Murder. Allegations of incest and polygamy. Nighttime rituals and stacked coffins. All the makings of a human tragedy -- or to inspire literary creativity. The idea is to write something -- story, poem, whatever -- that is inspired by but does not contradict the facts in this case. Now, a lot has come out on this case in the subsequent month, so there needs to be a cut off date; I'm going to say no contradiction of the facts as of Sunday 12 March, but feel free to research more if you like.

Now, the case has not gone to trial, and presumably none of the writers for NaD know what really happened, so these stories will all be "inspired by" a true story; try to avoid any slander or libel or anything like that. I'll try to make clear in the editorial matter that this is entirely fiction, but try to use some judgment. And if there is anyone out there who knows anything about the law in this matter, I wouldn't mind hearing from you before the issue comes out.

For more information than you could possibly need about this case, our associate editor found an archive here.

Good luck. And try to get it in within three weeks or so.
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